Friday, April 18, 2014

Save 25% on fees at

Well this blog is all about being frugal with your disability or retirement check,  so a cash advance should always be the last resort.... but if you have to do it, I for one will not scorn you for doing what you think you should do, I would just hate to see you make a habit of it. is currently offering 25% off their fees with the promo code TV08

I would strongly recommend that you go to their website,  or call them at 1-800-275-8380, to get the rules and 'fine print' before you borrow.

Good luck

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Cadbury Flake's.. Chocolate from the UK!

Being from London, today I thought I'd share this treat with you guys and gals. When I has a child every tuck shop had these, and I used to run into the street (Yes, I better now), for a 99, which is  scoop or 2 of vanilla ice cream . Then just when you think  he's done, he jams a 99,into the ice cream.

My brother, bless him, bought me a box over (between 3 of them, we consumed almost all in 3 months (with alor o


Flake is a brand of chocolate bar currently manufactured by Cadbury Ireland and consists of thinly folded Dairy Milk milk chocolate.
The product was first developed in 1920 and was founded by an employee of Cadburys. When the excess from the moulds was drained off, it fell off in a stream and created folded chocolate with flaking properties.[1]
Since 1922 in BritainAustralia, and Ireland ice cream vendors serve "99 Flakes" which are vanilla soft serve ice cream in a wafer cone in which a half size Flake bar is inserted in the top
Several varieties of Flake have been produced over the years, including:
  • Flake Noir - a dark chocolate flake bar[2]
  • Flake Snow - a white chocolate flake bar dipped into milk chocolate (previously known as Snowflake until 2003). Launched 2000 and discontinued in 2008. (I'm not into white chocolate, buy my husband loved them, perhaps they'll bring them back for selectiombl
  • Flake Dipped - milk chocolate flake dipped into milk chocolate (resembles a larger version of Twirl), and also known as Flake Luxury. Launched 2003. (Realy good! I've tried these)
  • Flake Praline - milk chocolate flake with praline. Launched 2004.
  • Flake Dark - dark chocolate flake covered in dark chocolate. Launched 2006.
  • Flake Bar (The Original!)
  • Flake Allure - a milk chocolate flake half enrobed in rich truffle and milk chocolate. Launched 2011 (limited edition).
  • Orange Flake - orange-flavoured milk chocolate flake (available in South Africa).
  • Flake Mint - flake which has a pale green mint-flavoured centre. In South Africa it is a mint-flavoured milk chocolate flake with no colouring.
  • 99 Flake Cone - this is a waffle cone style pre-made ice cream, it plays off of the traditional 99 flake bought from ice cream vendors.
  • Flake McFlurry original - a McFlurry with crushed bits of flake and chocolate. Limited edition run along with flake McFlurry raspberry.
  • Flake McFlurry raspberry - a McFlurry with crushed bits of flake, chocolate and raspberry juice. Limited edition run along with original flake McFlurry.
In late 2007, the entire Flake range was given a packaging revamp, giving the brand a more contemporary look, geared even further to females.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Free Trial of Humalog

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I'm covered by Medicare, but I've found, for me, that the Humalog vials work best for me. You need a script from your MD, so of course you should heed his/her advice first.

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Monday, April 14, 2014

Review of Special K Protein Breakfast Shake Chocolate Mocha

Although this says it's a breakfast shake, the calorie content is 180, right on target for a diabetic snack, or light lunch. So.. being a diabetic I decided to try it for a mid-morning snack. This one has a stronger coffee taste than the Chocolate Mocha, so true coffee lovers will love this one! I shook it well and served it over 3 ice cubes. A delicious, light calorie, satisfying snack to keep a diabetics sugar low.

Learn more bout this product at:

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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Review: Dreamy creamy Special K Vanilla Cappuccino snack

Last time I tried the Chocolate Mocha at breakfast and enjoyed that very much. This time I tried the Vanilla Cappuccino as a snack between breakfast and lunch. My numbers were stable at breakfast, and at lunch they were still stable, telling me that the mid morning snack had not affected my sugar, a very important factor. I know they are not being sold as a diabetic snack, but we are always looking for high protein, low carb snacks. As for the taste I have to say the chocolate Mocha one is still my favorite, but don't get my wrong, I'd still drink this. The Vanilla Cappuccino has a true 'coffee' taste. I shook well and poured the drink over 3 ice cubes. It makes a great decadent snack. Want a bit more of a coffee shop feel? Add a swirl of Cool Whip (10 calories) and a swirl of your favorite ice cream topping (25 calories).... Dreamy
Caroline (bzzagent)

Monday, April 7, 2014

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